A Star is Reborn

The French classic Oléo-Relax gets a Japanese makeover.

Every morning it’s the same thing. You wake up and prepare for battle. You take up your blowdryer as a weapon in the War on Frizz. Determined, you do not give up until every strand is smooth, shiny...perfect.

And then, the minute you step outside, your efforts go to waste. Inevitably, your hair succumbs to humidity and the demands of the day. The frizz defeats you. Could you not have just been born with perfect hair? Well, no. But you can look like you were…

Could you not have just been born with perfect hair? Well, no. But you can look like you were…

Porosity + Humidity = Frizz

There are two things that conspire to cause frizz—humidity and porosity. Together, these conditions create a perfect curse for the hair. Porous hair, which has a roughed-up texture often caused by heat styling and chemical treatments, can look dull and drab.

The surface of the fiber becomes decreasingly smooth and reflective, so it lacks shine and vitality. Its uneven structure makes it unmanageable and difficult to style. Porosity also leaves hair penetrable to humidity, a recipe for major frizz.

Pretend You Were Born Perfect

Our solution to the double-trouble scenario of humidity and porosity? Oléo-Relax.
Our #1 for 17 years, the range is now becoming an improved version of the original icon. This time, we’ve enlisted the help of Japanese hairdressers, who understand frizz control better than anyone in the world—it is a constant concern among their clients. Or at least it was.

Discipline Oléo Relax is the 1st top coat for hair, offering 24 hours of manageability in 80% humidity.

The new Oléo-Relax

The new Oléo-Relax is formulated with nurturing shorea butter and precious virgin coconut oil, plus rose muscata fruit oil and inca peanut oil. The combination provides repairing strength, incredible shine, protection and impermeability. It is the first “top coat” for hair, completely sealing out humidity for 24 hours in 80% humidity.

Explore the 3-Step Routine

Experience the iconic range, carefully reformulated for Japanese hair.


Bain Oléo Relax

Lightweight deep clean
Prevents damage & tangling
Moisturizes and repairs hair
Leaves hair soft & supple
Improves hair manageability

Masque Oléo Relax

All-day manageable hair
Penetrates deep inside the fiber
Protects hair from humidity
Controls frizziness & volume
Hair is soft with glossy shine

Huile Oléo Relax

Immediate all-day sleek hair
Reduces & prevents breakage
Heat protection up to 230C
Gently perfumes hair
All day shittori hair

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